Hurricane Blizzard 2019 Is Coming HERE!!

1st Time Here? Start From The Bottom & Work Your Way Up

2019-02-25 8:00 PM EST

For me personally, this storm was even more of a bust that the 2019 Blizzard Of Clods.  If it wasn't for the Ice Boom breaking, all you'd have was a windy day where some trees fell over.  WHOOPITY-DOO!!!

2019-02-25 12:30 PM EST
It's still basically nothing at my house, but here's an example of the driving conditions from when I was just out running errands and to be honest, this is a normal occurrence in the Buffalo area:

2019-02-24 11:00 PM EST
It's windy, but nothing major & I still don't know when those 3-6" of snow are supposed to get here:

2019-02-24 9:00 PM EST
It's picking up a bit & the power did go out for about 20 seconds:

2019-02-24 8:00 PM EST

2019-02-24 7:00 PM EST
I'm kinda I mean, my flag is barely moving:

2019-02-24 6:19 PM EST
This should be interesting...

2019-02-24 5:00 PM EST
Still windy & a little snow, but for me...

2019-02-24 4:45 PM EST
Meanwhile, on the other side of the unwalled border in Canadia, this is what happens when the Ice Boom in Lake Erie breaks...

2019-02-24 4:34 PM EST
A Flash Freeze Warning?!

2019-02-24 3:06 PM EST
Trees are falling...

2019-02-24 2:55 PM EST
This is why you don't go out empty when it's really windy

2019-02-24 2:44 PM EST
One reason Beach Front Property on Lake Erie isn't such a good idea...

2019-02-24 2:27 PM EST
Travel Advisory In Effect

2019-02-24 2:14 PM EST
It's getting windy:

2019-02-24 1:49 PM EST
An update from our Erie County Executive Mark Polancarz

2019-02-24 1:00 PM EST
It's raining:

2019-02-24 12:30 PM EST
Things are looking gloomy in CheektaVega$...

2019-02-24 12:30 PM EST well as down in Dunkirk

2019-02-24 12:00 PM EST
Things look good at my house:

2019-02-24 10:30 AM EST
All week, they've been calling for winds of 30 to 40 mph with gusts up to 75 mph for today. Yesterday they threw in 3 to 6 inches of snow. While we won't technically be defined as a Hurricane because those require sustained winds of 75mph, we should get gusts that high. When it does get cold enough to snow, it will become our 2nd Blizzard of the year (see 2019 Blizzard Of Clods). So, I re-registered this domain which I had back in 2014, and I will post updates on here simply to cause panic Anytime there's a big windstorm (with or without snow) they close a portion of Rt 5 called The Skyway because it's right on the lake & pretty high, so driving on it is a nightmare (I know). What I don't think they've ever done is announce that it'll be closed the day before the storm. I don't think it's because it's going to be the worst storm ever, instead I think they're being way over protective.  So, stay tuned for updates on what I'm sure will be along the lines of a drumpster fire caused by a train wreck.
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